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Code: SK9101 | Brand: Mellos

Mellos - Mellos lemonade with thyme and mint 0.33l

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Refreshing lemonade with 10% of honey.
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Category: Honey lemonades
Weight: 0.66 kg
Producer: Opre' cider
Alcohol: 0.00%
Sweetness: sweet
Flavour: herbal
Volume: 0.33l
Country of origin: Slovakia
Composition: Water, bee honey 10%, herbs 0,7% (thyme, mint and other herbs), CO2, citric acid, vitamin C.
Thyme and mint, herbs with a distinct and unmistakable aroma are the heart of this lemonade. Even if you are more likely to encounter thyme in cooking rather than in beverages, its effects remain the same. Its strong properties help to kill bacteria, purify the lungs and also give you vitamins to strengthen your immunity. In contrast to sweet honey and fresh mint, which has beneficial effects not only for your metabolism and also helps digestion, Mellos thyme & mint is the right lemonade for your body.

About meadery Mellos

Přírodní Mellos limonády od Opre' cider z Košic jsou vyrobeny řemeslným způsobem s přídavkem bylin a obsahují cca 10% medu, který limonádě dodává jedinečnou jemnou chuť a sladkost.

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