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Semiška Penina - Medeja polsuha - Peneca medica 0.75l

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Semi-dry sparkling mead produced in Slovenia from flower honey mead by the traditional method of the secondary fermentation in the bottle
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Category: Sparkling mead
Weight: 1.5 kg
Producer: AGRI
Honey source: flower
Production process: cold process
Alcohol: 11.00%
Sweetness: dry
Volume: 0.75l
Country of origin: Slovenia
Preservation: without preservatives
Composition: water, flower honey
Method of production: classic method
Alcohol: 11.0% vol
Residual sugar: semi-dry (sec) 24 g / l
Total acids: 7.0 g / l
Yeast maturation: at least 18 months
It has a honey flavor and is suitable for desserts. Served at 12 ° C.

About meadery Semiška Penina

In the southern wine region of Slovenia, in the town of Semic there is a large and successful production of sparkling wines and sparkling mead.


Mead is an alcoholic beverage fermented from honey and water, with possibility of addition of other ingredients such as spices or herbs or in combination with fruit juices.

sparkling mead

Sparkling Champagne style mead